• A falling out among shareholders, partners or owners can lead to devastating financial outcomes for minority or majority shareholders, who may lose employment and have their net worth decimated. Peters Law Firm is a boutique law firm focusing on shareholder oppression cases, and is dedicated to protect shareholder rights & interests.  Peters Law Firm’s experience and success in business law, and its in depth handling of complex cases belies its small size. Please call us if you are facing a fall out with your business partners and feel powerless in the legal system

  • Business disputes are an inevitable cost of running a business, and happen from time to time.  The most common conflict is a disagreement over the terms of a contract involving business owners, partners and shareholders.  While conflict over contracts is most common, other forms of business disputes can arise as well between contractors, purchasers, suppliers, customers, employees. Peters Law firm specializes in business law and we arbitrate, mediate, or litigate business disputes to resolve your case favorably. 

  • Business Contracts are often drawn without an experienced attorney and is usually the most common conflict driver. Peters Law Firm has expertise in business law, and we work with our clients to guide them in their business decisions with terms and conditions which leave no room for ambiguity in the event of a conflict. Whatever your legal needs may be, we can offer you advice and create specific solutions to address security and ongoing concerns of your company.

  • Real estate law covers a broad range of issues in relation to property law, from easement disputes, foreclosures, injuries, property taxes,neighbors, property deeds in addition to mortgages, insurance,and landlord/tenant matters.  Peters Law focuses on business and real estate law, and we will help you navigate some uncharted territory with our in depth experience and expertise in real estate transactions. 

  • Shareholder Rights | Agreements | Oppression

    There are a wide range of topics come under shareholder rights. Some of the important ones include: Shareholder rights and remedies | Breach of contract | Shareholder derivative suit | Freeze out mergers | Usurping of shareholder rights by vested interests | Business judgement rule | Oppression of minority shareholder rights | Breach of fiduciary duty by directors | reasonable expectations

  • Peters Law Firm has built its reputation in providing sound legal advice | business judgement backed by aggressive and tenacious advocacy to address minority or majority shareholder rights.  The firm's common-sense legal advice and accurate prognosis of reasonable expectations of a particular case stems from both its vast experience & legal expertise and helps its clients make the best choice to advance their case forward.

    Peters Law Firm has a wide range of experience that makes it ideally suited to handle your corporate general business needs. Peters Law Firm can help form your business, guide you through management or transactions, and fight for you, if necessary, in court or arbitration.

  • Is Your Business Ownership Interest Documented? It Better Be.

    What is Articles of Organization for an LLC? Forming a business entity has become incredibly easy nowadays. At the Minnesota Secretary of State's Office, all it takes is 5 minutes filling out a one-page form and a filing fee. The form is called Articles of Organization for an LLC or Articles of Incorporation for a corporation. What is the difference between an organizer and owner of an LLC? The[...]

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  • Shareholder Firing | Termination | Reasonable Expectations

    Shareholder Termination | Shareholder Rights | Reasonable Expectations

    Can a company fire a shareholder? Nothing starts a shareholder dispute as often as terminating a shareholder from their own company. The terminated shareholder is often disgruntled and confused. “Can they do this?” and “What are my rights?” are questions that often arise. For the company, often there is confusion about what duties remain to the terminated shareholder. On the question [...]

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  • Court Of Appeals misses the point on unjust enrichment

    Can I as a Shareholder appeal in courts of appeal to get a reasonable expectation? No, if you were to look at a newly released decision by the Minnesota Court of Appeals, a reminder that litigants cannot even count on the appeals process or reasonable expectation to get things right. See Gates, et al. v. Macken, et al., Court of Appeals Case No. A15-1289 (May 9, 2016) (“Gates v. Macken”). [...]

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  • What is Tortious Interference? How is Economic or business advantage viewed by MN courts?

    What is tortious interference? One claim that sometimes comes up in the business context is called tortious interference with economic advantage.[1] This is a claim against someone for wrongfully taking a business opportunity away from the victim. It comes up often against former employees or co-owners who sidetrack business opportunities that have come to their attention while they worked for [...]

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  • How does corporate veil or definition of corporation fare with shareholder fraud?

    What is corporate veil in regards to corporate definition? Lawyers are all typically familiar with the concept of the “corporate veil.” The corporate veil refers to the separation between a person who owns stock in a corporation and the corporation itself. With a corporate entity, ordinarily the person who owns stock in the company is not personally liable for the debts of the company. Like [...]

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  • Potential ramification of breach of Director’s fiduciary duty to creditors

    What type of conflict of interest a director of a corporation can have to breach his fiduciary duty? Directors and/or officers who take responsibility for dissolving a company can be tempted to use company funds to repay debts to themselves as opposed to other creditors. This can expose those responsible to serious potential personal liability if the company is insolvent or on the verge of [...]

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  • Peters Law Firm - Testimonials

  • “. . . provided sound advice regarding the costs and benefits of litigation when our firm was confronted with a crisis that challenged its survival. He was thorough and aggressive in prosecuting our case. With his help, we were able to achieve a great result.”

    CEO, Direct Mail Marketing Firm

  • “. . . represented me in a federal lawsuit that threatened the life of my company. He stood strong against well funded and determined opponents and he achieved a result that secured our future.”

    – President, Publishing Company

  • The majority partner in my business attempted to shut me out of the business. After my first vacation in four years, I came back to a locked office door and a response that our relationship "needed to change." I told my business partner that changing the locks on the door meant that we had no relationship. The other side suggested mediation, which we did, and we settled before trial. I've heard that it's a good settlement if both sides are unhappy, but I think I was more happy than the other side . Overall, I'm very happy and would use him again in a heartbeat.

    – Business Shareholder

  • . . . absolutely great helping me with a lawsuit as a minority shareholder. He explained the risks and challenges clearly, always making sure I understood the next steps. Bringing a lawsuit against a business is a difficult thing to do, but I always felt that I was in good hands.

    Minority Shareholder

  • I knew he was a good fit for my situation. He carefully listened to my story. It was a very personal situation, he was understanding and very caring. We reached an agreement for a buyout with my partner.

    Small Business Owner

  • . . . drafted several partnership contracts and navigated us through a complicated lawsuit. We feel fortunate to work with a lawyer who has mastered the practice of law and also understands business

    Small Business Owner

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