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  • About Hance Law

  • Hance Law is a boutique law firm and Stephen Hance is an outstandingly tenacious and creative lawyer.  Steve's vast experience has served him well, he collaborates within his vast network to pull in resources to augment his case if needed – be it in forensics | handwriting expert | private investigators | resources from larger law firms etc. 

    Stephen Hance is a quintessential lawyer, steeped in ethics and is not afraid to battle larger entities to protect minorities and the common person from injustice.  He at times has taken extremely difficult cases at a substantial discount, because he believed in the person and was willing to fight for him or her in court.  His record is enviable, he rarely loses a case and is always careful to choose battles carefully.  Steve has built his reputation on sound legal advice and business judgement backed by aggressive and tenacious advocacy to address minority or majority shareholder rights.  Steve’s experience in shareholder law cases gives him a unique insight on prognosis basis reasonable expectations to help his clients make the best choice to advance their case forward.

    Hance Law firm has a wide range of experience that makes us ideally suited to handle your corporate general business needs.  We can help form your business, guide you through management or transactions, and fight for you, if necessary, in court or arbitration.

    Hance Law firm is also conscious of the cost of litigation especially in appeals court and wherever possible, and will work out an air tight strategy in the hopes of forcing the other party to come to negotiating table.  Stephen Hance uses his skills in courtroom with tremendous effect - he is always well researched and knowledgeable about his case.  He is well liked by his adversaries, especially larger law firms who see him as a formidable presence and would rather have him on their side.

  • We are approachable and will work with you to best represent your interests

    Stephen Hance

    Stephen Hance

    We are approachable and will work with you to best represent your interests

  • We listen

    Stephen Hance

    Stephen Hance

    We listen

  • We are experts on shareholder law and are known for our thought leadership

    Stephen Hance

    Stephen Hance

    We are experts on shareholder law and are known for our thought leadership

  • Most Hance Law clients are entrepreneurs and business owners. Steve focuses on shareholder law and has successfully stood up for wronged partners skillfully using the legal system to negotiate fair resolutions. If the case were to ever to go to court, you should rest assured that you have one of the the representing your interests.  Steve will fight for you with unparalleled tenaciousness even after some states passed legislation limiting legal protections for minority shareholders.

    If you are a minority or a majority shareholder who is locked in a shareholder dispute, you should give HanceLaw a call and take advantage of the free consultation. Steve will listen to your case and help you assess your options during the consulting time. Steve’s approach has always been to free his clients or potential clients from the morass of shareholder oppression without unnecessarily spending a fortune or increasing risk or liability.

  • Hance Law Firm focuses on protecting the rights of clients who own stock or partnership interests in private businesses.  We have handled significant cases on the cutting edge of the law of shareholder oppression.

    Shareholder Oppression

    One principal area of practice is shareholder oppression. These are cases involving legal rights and duties in corporations, S-corporations, partnerships, and other private business entities.  Cases typically will range from issues stemming from breach of fiduciary duties by directors or officers of the company, shareholder rights, an inspection of corporate records to audit for fraud, squeeze-outs and buy outs. Steve Hance represents business owners who have a conflict or dispute with other owners, shareholders, officers and directors, partners, and other members of corporations or limited liability companies.

    Derivative Suits (shareholders)

    Hance Law represents shareholders in their derivative suits which will typically entail bringing claims for misappropriation of assets, usurpation of rights and opportunities, in some instances there may be theft of assets, corporate mismanagement and breach of fiduciary duties.

    Buy Outs

    HanceLaw firm assists minority shareholders get just price for their ownership interest and to maximize their value.