What are some common Areas of Dispute?

Time and again we see that certain areas of conflict are more common than others, and so it is important for owners to be aware of these potential conflicts which can arise and take proactive measures to prevent them.  Contract disagreements are a common source of business disputes and can arise when you are working with suppliers, contractors, purchasers, or other business partners.  This may occur if one party does not receive the products timely or they have issues or some damage, and another party may feel it was not paid the price agreed for its services.  Consumers are another common area of business dispute who may feel that the quality of product is not up to mark, were unhappy about the product or service they were provided.  If the implied warranty which goes with the product is breached, disputes or claims can arise.

How can business disputes be prevented or resolved?

It is strongly recommended that business owners institute policies and procedures which govern day-to-day interactions and transactions, in order to reduce the possibility of disputes. Contract forms and sales agreements should follow proper requirements and include all necessary clauses for enforceability. Companies should have their contracts and procedures reviewed with their legal advisors before conflicts arise rather than afterwards.  

It is very important to put everything in writing as undocumented business arrangements frequently lead to disputes. 

If despite these best efforts, business owners have other avenues to avoid courtroom expense. Small businesses can rely on small claims court to resolve bills, debts, or employment issues when damages are limited. There is also good negotiations using collaborative practices to avoid litigation. Parties can seek lawyers who encourage negotiation and settlement and have formidable presence in court of law to fight injustices and claims.